How to use Selenium with Zalenium on your Mac

Getting started with using Zalenium to reach a new level of automating and recording your selenium tests on your MacOS.


Setup your local Parse.js server with Docker Compose

Even if you have already some good experience with docker and docker compose, like i do, you can sometimes have a hard time setup a new service. In this short article i want to give you a quick gist to setup your local Parse.js server with docker-compose.


Deploying static websites over https with Caddy and 1 line of code

I still remember the days, when we had to configure our SSL-Certificates with nginx and apache and it was really painful. But in the last months we started to use caddy. A fresh web server with an simple config and https by default.


Creating a progress chart with VictoryPie in React

In this post i will show you how to create a nice progress chart to show percentage data in a nice way. We use VictoryPie and the standard svg tools to achieve this with great flexibility.